Andrew Bone

Bone is an artist and conservationist who was born in Zimbabwe in 1957. It was during his studies at Falcon College – a bush school for boys aged 12-18 in Zimbabwe (then Southern Rhodesia) – that his deep love and respect for African wildlife began. Andrew’s experiences have fused his devotion to wildlife conservation with his inherent talent for painting, making him one of the foremost wildlife painters in the world.


Andrew Bone is born in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Discovers Love for Africa and its Wildlife During College

Bone attends Falcon College, a bush school for boys, during the Rhodesian Bush War. His love and respect for Africa and its wildlife is ignited.

Served in Rhodesian Bush War

Upon graduating, Bone is required to complete a mandated assignment in the National Service during the war. The Rhodesian Bush War lasts from 1964 to 1979.

Struggles to Find a Career, Becomes Canoe Tour Guide

Bone goes through a number of jobs, including hotel management, typewriter mechanic and fuel depot manager, but none appeal to him. He eventually joins his friend in becoming a guide for canoe trips down the Zambezi River. This has a profound effect on Bone and his love of Africa and its wildlife.


Bone marries his sweetheart and fellow nature-lover, Kelly. They relocate to the Imire Game Ranch in Zimbabwe. He begins painting in his spare time, completely self-taught.

Decides to Become a Professional Artist

At the encouragement of friends and family, Bone makes the decision to become a professional artist.

Undertakes South African Expedition

Bone undertakes a South African expedition with sponsorship from Park West Gallery.

Creates Life-Sized Painting of an Elephant

Bone creates a life-sized painting of an elephant, titled “African Majesty.”

“Don’t paint it unless you’ve studied it, been chased by it, or done something to save it.”


Andrew Bone is a wildlife artist who is dedicated to conservation and promoting awareness of the never-ending struggle of Africa’s diminishing wildlife. Bone formed the non-profit Forever Wild Foundation in 2014 to support conservation efforts, including the relocation and collaring of 13 endangered wild dogs as well as tracking and monitoring cheetahs in South Africa.

Forever Wild Foundation

Formed in 2014, the Forever Wild Foundation is an international non-profit organization that collects donations to provide in-kind resources to causes that support the conservation of African wildlife. Projects have included the collaring, monitoring and relocation of endangered wild dogs and cheetahs, resulting in efforts that have bolstered populations and saved the animals from harm.

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