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Andrew Bone releases art memoir: Brush Strokes of Africa

Park West Gallery artist Andrew Bone smiled with pride as he held a copy of his book that was 20 years in the making. “It’s a proud moment for me to finally see it in print because it’s been a long-time coming,” he says. Bone announced the launch of his book, “Brush Strokes of Africa,”…. read more

Wildlife master Andrew Bone paints a “life-size” African Elephant

Andrew Bone continues to astonish. The African-conservationist, painter and adventurer has achieved yet another benchmark in his career. He recently painted a “life-size (54″ x 95”) African elephant on canvas. The painting, which he titled African Majesty creates an unmatched experience while standing before it. “One truly has the feeling of encountering this majestic animal in the…. read more

Celebrating Mother’s Day with 7 artists

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating motherhood and material bonds, whether it is one’s own mom, grandmother, sister, or other loved one. Read on to see how some of the Park West Gallery artists, past and present, have celebrated mothers through their work. Itzchak Tarkay  Itzchak Tarkay, the master acrylic painter, watercolorist and graphic artist,…. read more

Artist Andrew Bone’s South African Safari

Park West Gallery’s wildlife artist Andrew Bone is in process of putting the finishing touches to the planning of a Southern African safari for the end of the year. The trip will include four African countries and more than 6,000 km. Here’s the plan as Andrew explains it… “We shall begin our journey in my…. read more

Andrew Bone joins guests on board the MS Rotterdam

Wildlife artist and conservationist Andrew Bone joined guests sailing the 85 day Africa Explorer on board ms Rotterdam of the Holland America Line in November. Andrew and his wife Kelly embarked on day 46 in Durban, South Africa, for the ship’s African Sail Away Party. Throughout the cruise events, the self-taught hyperrealist shared not only…. read more

Andrew Bone: An Artist with a Mission

IN NOVEMBER 2008, WITH GENEROUS SPONSORSHIP FROM PARK WEST GALLERY, WILDLIFE ARTIST ANDREW BONE UNDERTOOK A SOUTH AFRICAN EXPEDITION THAT TOOK HIM TO THE EXTREMES THAT THE CONTINENT HAD TO OFFER. In over one month, through 5,000 miles, five countries and six punctures, wildlife artist Andrew Bone studied, photographed and recorded the fascinating inhabitants of…. read more