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Celebrating Mother’s Day with 7 artists

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating motherhood and material bonds, whether it is one’s own mom, grandmother, sister, or other loved one. Read on to see how some of the Park West Gallery artists, past and present, have celebrated mothers through their work.

Itzchak Tarkay 

223740 001

223740 001

Itzchak Tarkay, the master acrylic painter, watercolorist and graphic artist, portrayed women throughout his oeuvre. His “natural woman” spoke to the depth and complexity of women, and shows her as satisfied, calm, and serene. In our Mother’s Day art, Tarkay depicts a gathering where a mother and daughter share a quiet moment together.

Rembrandt van Rijn

rembrandt mothers day

Rembrandt immortalized his mother in etchings as well as in several paintings. In the above etching, Rembrandt demonstrates his use of “psychological portraiture,” which captures more than the subject’s likeness, but their humanity and spirituality. Hints of what she was like might be gleaned from Rembrandt’s works, as he depicted her as a prophetess, reading a book, or playing a role in religious imagery.

Linda Le Kinff

Le Kinff mothers day

Thanks to her powerful colors and warm scenes, collectors find themselves connecting to the artwork of Linda Le Kinff. In this mixed media painting, Le Kinff expresses the indescribable feelings and emotions of motherhood as a new mother cradles her child. Le Kinff’s works captures a myriad of scenes, whether it’s music or intimate moments in the lives of her subjects.

Hua Chen

Chen mothers day

Hua Chen’s delicate syle is perfect for portraying the female figure without seeming provocative. A perfect example of this is seen in this oil painting of mother and child spending time together at the beach. Like the love of a mother, Chen’s subjects are calming, subtle and ageless.

Maya Green

Green mothers day

In the slightly different vein, Mother’s Day can be about celebrating the wonders of Mother Nature, as seen in this floral painting by Maya Green. She says she seeks to break down life to its visual essentials, such as light, dark, balance and movement, and “capturing the essence of a moment.”


297627 001

297627 001

Pino grew up in Italy surrounded by women – whether it was his sisters, aunts or his mother – and in turn, he recognized their physical and spiritual beauty. Pino illustrated sensual, attractive women on book covers, but switched to creating works of fine art in the early 1990s. For Mother’s Day, examine how his mastery of technique and figure portrays the loving care of a mother with her child.

Andrew Bone 

272451 001

272451 001

Of course, humans aren’t the only ones that appreciate their mothers, as seen in the artwork by wildlife painter Andrew Bone. The Zimbabwe native personally photographs the animals he renders onto canvas, giving him a first-hand look at how animals interact with one another, including his family of cheetahs under the watchful eye of their mother.

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